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Artist from Barcelona, in Frankfurt

Nurnoir began her artistic career in Madrid. Inspired by the big city, she began to draw small illustrations that reflected her day to day. Since then, she has continued to illustrate daily experiences until she obtained a very personal style and technique. Her approach and perspective are constantly evolving and she approaches each project, collection and exhibition with complete enthusiasm and dedication.

Nurnoir is convinced that inspiration can be found in the smallest details and over the years she has managed to come up with her own definition of art. To discover more about her philosophy, do not hesitate to contact her, she is always open to a good conversation and to meet new perspectives.





Starting point in the illustration world. Coffees in Malasaña and glasses of wine in La Latina with her friends inspire her to create her artwork.

First exhibitions of the artist in Barcelona and surroundings.

First exhibitions outside Spain. The new audience and the new life experiences push her to create her first collection in English.

The red German sunsets, the calm, the nature and the silence surround Nurnoir and allow her to focus on the creation of her first book.

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