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Nurnoir's illustrations tell stories. Stories that have happened or that will never happen; stories that are wishes, impossible realities or dreams already lived.

The artist creates both independent illustrations and full collections. Nurnoir has also created covers for emerging musicians, posters for festivals and labels for products. The artist has made presentations for companies on how art can positively influence decision-making and has also given art workshops in schools.

Over the last few years, the artist has had the pleasure of launching 4 collections, see here a brief description of each one of them:

Ilustración: bosque entre corazón

"Reflexions provocades per canvis invisibles"

Nurnoir's first collection. This collection has been exhibited in Barcelona, Vic, Vilassar de Mar, Manlleu and Les Preses (2019-2020).


3 pieces belong to this collection, all of them including an illustration and an aphorism.

Collaboration with Anna Rabasa.

Exclusively online (2020).

Ámbar: ilustración colección con Anna Rabasa
Amsterdam: ilustración one-way ticket


The artist describes her emotions when moving to Amsterdam through this collection made up of 10 unique pieces. Exhibited in Amsterdam (2021-22).

"You are not too much"

First collection to cross borders and being exhibited in the Netherlands. Composed of 9 pieces, it is one of the artist's most intense collections and invites the public to reflect on their own life. Nurnoir's first English collection. Exhibited in Amsterdam (2021-22) and in Mainz (2023).

Ilustración "Vida secreta"
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